Motivating to Encourage Productivity

May 28, 2012
Motivating to Encourage Productivity

Motivating to Encourage Productivity
Productivity is a wonderful word when it comes to essay writing, but it doesn’t matter whether the student is writing a discursive paper or a narrative paper because without motivation there can’t be any productivity. Sometimes it can be hard to find that motivation, even when confronted with a looming deadline.
Email is the Enemy
It may not seem like something which takes a long time, but so many people forget exactly how long they spend checking their inboxes. There are tonnes of programs out there which can track this amount of time, if anybody is really interested, but there has to be a way to avoid this. The main way is to simply schedule a time of day, or night, when to check your email inbox.
Take a Shortcut
Sometimes things are getting too late and to start researching everything from scratch would just take too long. But no matter what kind of paper needs writing, you can take a shortcut by deciding to buy an essay. This essay can provide students with the vital information you need to create an argument of your own.
Entertainment is the Other Enemy
The other enemy is entertainment. So many students think they can watch TV or listen to music whilst they study. In the case of music, some students genuinely can do both, but most can’t. So when it comes to any entertainment devices, they should be turned off so you can give 100% concentration into the task at hand.
If this isn’t possible then go to a quiet place like the library.
It’s all well and good getting ready to write a term paper, but what if there are a hundred other things which need doing too? The answer is that instead of spending hours brooding over it, the student should make a list instead.
Lists are great for breaking things down into manageable portions. Furthermore, they have the dual ability of motivating you, as they have a sense of accomplishment when you tick something off, but they can also make you feel guilty about not doing anything if you are staring at a large list.

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