You've made it to your dissertation, the final frontier for many academic lives. You should be commended for getting this far. Perhaps you already have been congratulated, slapped on the back, and toasted by your peers. But none of this makes any difference if you're struggling with your work. Dissertations are not generally open-ended projects. There are deadlines to be met, meetings to attend, and various hurdles to jump over on time.

You'd probably rather be writing a book. Some dissertations run the same number of pages, and the work involved is usually much more intense. Candidates writing their dissertations nearly always have other work in other classes, and more than often this busywork stands in the way of progress. Usually, a student can manage to pull off the dissertation on time, or at least with a couple of extensions, and graduate on time. Sometimes, however, an entire extra semester will be necessary for completion, which just isn't feasible economically or financially for many students.

It's not a crime to make things easier on yourself. You probably need all the help you can get, so there's no shame in actually seeking that help out. For your dissertation, or for any paper, no better writing assistance is available than Essaydot.com. Our writers are hired only from the highest reaches of the academic world, selected for their superior writing ability as well as for their educational experience.

Anything from basic proofreading and editing, to specific sections of your paper, to original research, to the completion of the entire dissertation, it's all just another day's work for the writers here at Essaydot.com. The best part of all is that you, the customer, have the final say in selecting your custom writer.

We are writers of custom dissertations. This is a major distinction from "fly-by-night" paper mills. Whereas many of these disreputable companies may have a few generic papers on file, and make some minor tweaks upon them before submitting them to you as "original work", Essaydot.com will have none of this. Our writers start fresh every single time, using their elite academic and writing skills to produce top quality custom dissertations for our customers.

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This process may involve a little more involvement from you, but we've got that down to an art form, making excellent use of online chat and other communications technology to assure that you and your personally-selected writer are always on the same page. It's never a bother or a hassle for you or for us.

If you're having any trouble with your dissertation whatsoever, make the intelligent choice and contact Essaydot.com as soon as you are able. Our rates are reasonable, and our work is unreasonably good.

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I have tried many other writing services, but this one is the best. They actually make you feel comfortable about coming to them for writing help and customer satisfaction is their number one priority.


I loved the brilliant term paper I received but I thought that the customer service people could have been a bit more personable when answering some of the questions I had.

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